The MID-SEW™ is a dermato-traction medical device, for performing large wound closures : fasciotomies,  tissues loss ... The MID-SEW ™ is a new answer for tissue extension wound care. It offers new possibility (silicone wire) to adjust progressively the tension for wound closer (blocker) with skin protection (silicone wedges). Elastic silicone wire
  • Length of 1000 mm and 1.65 mm diameter, on a triangular curved needle.
Silicone wedges
  • With two orifices  which assure the passing  of the suture intended to reduce the tension on the wound edges.
Clamping Ajustement(s) 
  • Clamp to adjust the tension of the silicone wire  in a reversible way. The MID-SEW TM  is composed of  4 silicone devices for blocking the suture.


  • The MID-SEW™ is an innovative silicone extender for surgery wound closure.
  • The MID-SEW™ includes an elastic silicone thread to suture the wound, silicone wedges to protect the edges of the wound and blockers to adjust progressively and reversibly the tension of the suture.
  • Each component of the MID-SEW™ contributes to create the dynamic system to protect the skin during dermatotraction.
  • The MID-SEW™ is designed to facilitate wound closure like: fasciotomy, loss of substance, patch from flap, wound dehiscence.
  • The MID-SEW™ application scope : plastic and reconstruction surgeries,  cancer surgery, trauma surgery (limb, vascular and burn)  …
  • The MID-SEW™ is made of silicone without any rubber latex.

All information concerning contraindications, adverse effects, complications and residual risks are communicated through the leaflet (available on the following link: www.mid-ifu.com)

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