The treatment of obesity

The goal of obesity treatment is to reach and stay at a healthy weight.
The objective is to help the patient understand the illness, to alleviate it’s effects, to treat the comorbidity where necessary and to assist in the modification of life style.

The treatment of this multifaceted illness can not be limited to a diet.
Since 2012, 37 Special Obesity Centres (CSO’s) have been designated by the French health authorities HAS (Haute Autorité de Santé).

The treatment must be tailored  to each  patient and executed by experienced physicians : The multidisciplinary team.

Weight-loss surgery, or bariatric surgery, is an option. Weight-loss surgery limits the amount of food you’re able to comfortably eat or decreases the absorption of food and calories or both.

Surgery can be offered as part of this treatment. Three main procedures exist :

This type of surgery can be prescribed according to precise criteria, to adult patients after failure of several months of treatment by a specialist team and if:

  • BMI is over 40
  • BMI is over  35 with existence of comorbidity.