Understanding obesity

Main causes of obesity

  • Obesity is a chronique illness, in the same way as asthma or high blood pressure.
  • Obesity  results from an interaction between different factors : eating habits, lack of physical exercise, genetic predisposition and in some cases a poor social environment.
  • An unbalanced diet : Richer foods (particularly fatty foods) that are more readily accessible, irregular and rapidly taken meals. Over-eating, for many reasons : family habits, professionnal activity, sociability…
  • A state of depression, unhappiness or anxiety giving rise to behavioural problems and over-eating.
  • A lack of physical exercise : Populations are increasingly sedentary with lower daily energy expenditure : less walking, less taking the stairs… Leisure activities  involve less physical exercise than before (video games, internet, etc.)
  • Obesity of strictly genetic origin remains rare.  Some hormonal disorders can contribute to excessive weight gain. However, genetic or congenital predispositions to obesity do exist and can develop in the presence of other factors.
  • The social and cultural environment also plays a part in the development of this illness.