MID intends to provide its customers with innovative products and high quality service. MID designs, manufactures and retails MIDBAND™ (adjustable gastric band), MIDCAL™ (gastric calibration ring for banded By-Pass) and MIDSLEEVE™ (calibration tube for sleeve gastrectomy).

Research and innovation are central to the corporate culture of MID. We encourage, fund and support ongoing research and development projects. Our objective is to provide the most efficient possible response to our customers needs.

International Presence

In France the company is one of the major producers on the medical devices market dedicated to obesity surgery.

Since 2003, the continuous international growth of the company permitted MID to generate a significant portion of its revenues in the international and to have an effective presence in twenty countries.


Quality Policy

MID aims to pursue its growth in France and abroad by offering its customers a range of innovative medical devices.

    The implementation of this strategy requires a quality policy based on:
  • - A strong customer focus: essential to identify needs, validate solutions and improve product performance and safety. The quality system should help to promote a better understanding of market requirements.
  • - Cost optimisation: necessary to keep prices competitive while freeing up resources to finance innovation and secure the long-term future of the company.  The quality system must encompass the definition, organisation and planning of our partners' work in order to reduce the cost of non-quality as far as possible.
  • - Compliance: of our products with regulations and standards; in addition, employee compliance with and adherence to the best practices defined in the quality system.  Thus the quality policy contributes to the proper implementation of the strategy. The management is committed to complying with the ISO 13485 standard, the Canadian Medical Device Regulations and the specific regulations imposed by other bodies across the world. It also undertakes to ensure the continued efficiency of the quality management system.

In addition to securing the necessary resources, MID must mobilise every employee and every contractor to deliver the best products and services possible and to ensure that all customer requirements are met.